A Brief History…

I come by life on purpose honestly having reinvented myself many times over. After a decade of working in account management for major advertising agencies Foote Cone & Belding and Ogilvy & Mather, I became an entrepreneur and established my own businesses.

Each venture was born out personal life stages and experiences.

When having children, I both wanted to stay in shape and learn everything I could about childbirth. I started a pre/post natal exercise business in the SF Bay Area, which became the model for the emerging fitness trend. I also put my need-to-know curiosity to use and became a professional childbirth teacher and labor coach, which also better serve our clients.

With the opportunity to move to London, I sold my exercise business, and became a full time mom. Best choice for the time but my type A ways soon had me retooling my executive skills and consulted with an Executive Search Firm to place top-level executives in ad agencies throughout Europe and the U.S.

And, no matter where my family lived, I needed to make our house, a home. Restored, renovated, recreated. With that, another passion was revealed, and a new business venture emerged. I started a design and project management business helping others find and create their dream homes. As a generalist/team leader, I brought in skilled specialists: brokers, architects, interior designers, and landscape teams. From London, to San Francisco, New York and Martha’s Vineyard, I have developed numerous properties, some featured in Architectural Digest and NYTimes.

Creating beautiful homes was rewarding enough, but like me, I found that clients were looking to achieve an often-elusive aim of personal or professional fulfillment, something beyond material success…A question I was asking myself and others, ‘What does it mean to lead a truly rich life?’

To better serve my clients and deepen my own quest for that something more, I became a professional Life Coach. Thus the birth of an expanded enterprise, On Purpose – Integrated Life Strategies. This one-of-its-kind organization with a concierge approach to define the client’s goals and design a customized road-map for a whole life makeover. As an advocate, partner, sounding board, mentor, and, sometimes tormentor, I supported them in achieving their personal best, which included partnering with a leading matchmaking company.

Put it all together, I founded Design.Development.Direction. a lifestyle and project management business, which is the culmination of all ventures, passions, diverse experience and life’s work. Each past endeavor was in some way a service to achieve the best possible something; whether it be childbirth experience, health & fitness, life partner, dream home, or personal and professional best.

Clients includes successful individuals from Wall St. to Hollywood: corporate leaders, venture capitalists, politicians, recording artists, actors, producers and executives in the entertainment industry.

The radio show is a platform to more broadly share conversations with trusted experts and inspiring people on our collective experiences and wisdom — on what it means to lead a truly rich life.