“We choose everything we do, including the misery we feel. Other people can neither make us miserable nor make us happy.” – Psychiatrist, author  Dr. William Glasser.

Dr. William Glasser published more than two dozen books promoting his view that mental health is mostly a matter of personal choice, a precept that found a vast popular audience and influenced teachers, drug counselors and personal therapists, died on Aug. 23.

Back in 1953, he was thrown off the psychiatric residency staff in for his belief that we are not victims of our circumstances. Dr. Glasser asked,  ‘What are you going to do about your life, beginning today?’

Core Principles:

■ That the only person one controls in the world is oneself.

■ That the effort to change others is doomed and, worse, is the actual cause of most emotional problems.

■ That to meet the most profound human need — “to love and be loved,” as Dr. Glasser put it — people must repair strained relations with their family, friends and co-workers by adjusting the one variable within their control: their own behavior.

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