There’s no denying that a woman’s relationship with her father is one of the most important in her life. And there’s also no getting around how the quality of that relationship—good, bad, or otherwise—profoundly affects daughters in a multitude of ways.
Our Fathers, Ourselves is essential reading for any woman who has ever wondered how she could forge a closer connection with and gain a deeper understanding of her father.


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Dr. Peggy Drexler

Our Fathers, Ourselves

In honor of Mother's Day, our guest, Dr. Peggy Drexler, featured on CNN this week discussing 'Walk Away Moms', is the author of 'Raising Boys Without Men' and 'Our Fathers, Ourselves', and a Huffington Post contributor. We have an insightful and candid conversation about the responsibility of raising children.

In the past, the few memoirs about children battling cancer dealt mostly with death and grief. This passionate retelling by a survivor’s mother is about the struggle to help shepherd her child out of illness, towards health and through survival.

Now that more children survive cancer, this passionate retelling by the survivor’s mother is required reading; the struggle of helping move the child out of illness.

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Judith Hannan

Motherhood Exaggerated

Baby Bumps: The Almost, Barely, Not-Quite-True Story of Pregnancy, Bed Rest and One Batshit Crazy Family

From the author of the award-winning blog Snarky Mommy comes a book that will make every woman who has ever been pregnant pee with laughter (not that that’s hard). Wearing her highest heels and hottest pregnancy jeans, Amy Sprenger marched into her doctor’s office, latte in hand, ready to finally see whether her baby was a boy or a girl. So when the doctor tells her she has an incompetent cervix, Amy does what any woman would do. She becomes immediately offended. Is that a politically correct way of saying her cervix sucks? Unfortunately, as she’s soon to learn, it’s a lot more than that. The only way to keep that baby from falling out on the sidewalk (probably in front of Starbucks) is for her doctor to stitch her cervix closed and for Amy to stay in bed for the next four months.

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Amy Sprenger

Baby Bumps

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Dr. Robyn Silverman

Better Girls

Dr. Robyn Silverman is a child development specialist, body image expert, sought-after speaker and award-winning writer, is known for her no-nonsense yet positive approach to helping young people and their families thrive. Her ground-breaking research at Tufts University on young women and plus-sized models is the foundation for her book, Good Girls Don't Get Fat: How Weight Obsession Is Messing Up Our Girls & How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It.

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Marci Shimoff


Marci Shimoff is the NY Times #1 best-selling author of"Love For No Reason" , "Happy For No Reason"; also co-authored"Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul", featured teacher in the film sensation, "The Secret."