‘Why You Need To Brag More (And How To Do It)’

By Dr. Peggy Drexler
“Think hard: When’s the last time you took credit—really took credit—for a job well done? Without giving props to others, shying away from praise, or otherwise shifting the recognition to anyone but yourself? A May 2013 study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that women who work with men are far less likely to take credit for their work than those who collaborate with other women. Instead, women in mixed-gender work teams tend to give more credit than is necessary—or even true—to their male colleagues. This is habitual: Instead of talking about themselves in an honest way, women give away the credit, talking about the great team they had, the collaborative efforts involved, the talents of someone, anyone, else. In some instances, women will even point to the negative aspects of themselves or their achievements instead of simply saying ‘thank you’ or otherwise owning potential praise. Sound familiar?” See more…

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